Data Science Capability Collaboration Event


“Build the Centaur

RSVP Deadline: 6 October

On 20 October SOFWERX will host a Data Science Capability Collaboration Event (CCE) in Tampa, FL. This event will connect SOF Warfighters with select participants from Academia, Interagency, and the National Labs. Warfighters will present unclassified, high-priority operational vignettes, setting the stage for discussion about how data science could be used to increase the lethality and operational effectiveness of SOF operations.

This event is only open to US citizens.


How can you get involved?

SOFWERX invites Academia, Interagency, and the National Labs to participate in the following ways:

1. Review the Data Science CCE Brief: Click here for Data Science CCE

2. Attend Data Science Capability Collaboration Event:  Click here to register for the Data Science CCE  (Only open to Warfighters, Interagency, Academia, and National Labs.)   


Industry Partners

The information gathered during this CCE will form the basis of the Data Science Rapid Prototyping Event in January, where industry partners will also be invited to submit new, novel, and provocative Data Science solutions for Warfighter needs.