Under an agreement with USSOCOM, DEFENSEWERX implemented SOFWERX as a public facing intermediary to assist with collaboration, innovation, prototyping and exploration with industry, labs and academic partners. SOFWERX currently has a 35,000 sf facility, designed for collaboration, rapid prototyping, and innovation on current and future projects, located in Tampa, Florida.

SOFWERX performs collaboration, ideation and facilitation with the best minds of Industry, Academia and Government. SOFWERX can also conduct rapid prototyping and rapid proof of concepts from ideation discovery. The following lists some specific capabilities we use to facilitate collaboration and prototyping:

– Mobile Technology and Repair Complex (MTRC)

– CNC Router

– Laser cutter

– 3D Printers

– Rapidly configurable collaboration spaces

– Smart boards

– Portable white boards

– Web conference/multimedia equipment

– Hybrid cloud compute infrastructure

– Mobile/IoT Lab

Becoming a part of the ecosystem

No. Participation is free, but we do ask that you use it wisely and be thoughtful as one of our emissaries.


DEFENSEWERX was incorporated in the state of Florida as a non-profit corporation in July 2012. The DEFENSEWERX family granted approval to use the general’s name through a memorandum of agreement in early 2012. An application for federal tax-exemption status was filed in August 2012 and Section501(c)3 exemption was received on February 2013.

Our charter is to create an innovative environment for bringing together the best minds of Industry, Academia and Government to collaborate and find solutions to the toughest Science and Technology challenges while championing science, technology, engineering and mathematics education for all levels of society.

DEFENSEWERX offers opportunities to enhance or expand current workforce skill sets through a variety of traditional and non-traditional methods. These approaches encompass technical training, functional training, leadership seminars, creative workshops, and/or guest lecturers. DEFENSEWERX’s strategic partnerships for workforce development at the Academia, Industry and Government level. DEFENSEWERX also represent interests in STEM by advocating for a technologically skilled workforce to support both government and defense-related industries.

A. Working with regional educational entities, DEFENSEWERX will expose young students to high-caliber Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) learning opportunities through our Innovative Dimensions Laboratory (IDL). The IDL is a partnership program located at the Okaloosa County School District’s “STEMM Center” and is working to augment the STEMM Academy’s middle school curriculum with programs in 3D Modeling and Printing, Microsoft
Flight Simulation Lab and UAVs.

Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIA)

A Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIA) is an agreement between the government and an intermediary organization such as state and local governmental agencies and nonprofit entities operated by or on behalf of a state or local government to perform partnership intermediary services.

15 USC 3715 & SECNAVINST 5700.17, Domestic Technology Transfer, 27 March 2009