AirSpew: Modular Information Dissemination System


OpenWERX provides the general public with quarterly opportunities to collaborate on innovative approaches relevant to SOCOM and other federal government agencies.

Please view the challenge description here: OpenWERX Challenge: AirSpew 

Team Registration deadline: 30 June

Prizes: First place: $10,000 – Second place: $5,000 – Third place: $3,000


AirSpew Q&A


Tentative Schedule for 7 September 

5:00-6:00PM  Networking
6:00-6:10 PM  Welcome
6:10-6:15 PM  The Dunning-Kruger Experience
6:15-6:20 PM  Trois Comms
6:20-6:25 PM  Tampa Deep Sea Xplorers
6:25-6:30 PM  Clearly Amateurs
6:30-6:35 PM  Dead Weight
6:40-6:45 PM  Flair
6:45-6:50 PM  Space Coast Unmanned
6:50-6:55 PM  Perfecta
6:55-7:00 PM  Rotornaut
7:00-7:05 PM  Ministry of Truth
7:05-7:10 PM   C^3
7:15-7:20 PM  Tampa Drones
7:20-7:30 PM  Break
7:30-7:35 PM  Shuf
7:35-7:40 PM  Fowado Tech Group
7:45-7:50 PM  Inglourious Datanerds
7:50-7:55 PM  Rapid Warfighter Solutions (RWS)
7:55-8:00 PM  American Society of Mechanical Engineers at USF
8:00-8:05 PM  Winged Wolf
8:05-8:10 PM  Charlotte UAV
8:10-8:15 PM  UAV Concordia
8:15-8:20 PM  Team Rocket
8:20-8:25 PM  Dues Ex
8:25-8:30 PM  MISSION SIX
8:30-8:35 PM  MobiLearn
8:35-8:40 PM  Fly low
8:40-8:45 PM  Marco Soto
8:45-8:50 PM  DroneMasters
8:50-9:00 PM  Judging Session/Break
9:00 PM           Awards & New Challenge Announced

*Schedule subject to change based on the number of participants*


All prototypes must be received by August 21 to the following address:

“Team Name – POC”
c/o Cam Hunt
1320 E 9th Avenue, Suite 100
Tampa, FL 33605

For more about OpenWERX, please see the F.A.Q.

For event logistics, please contact the SOFWERX Event Coordinator, Keri Cline: [email protected]