SOFWERX hosts STEM-related events in collaboration with other government partners. SOFWERX members and their associates mentor these students and expose them to career opportunities in hi-tech fields. Examples of STEM events hosted include:

  • FIRST® Robotics Competition mentorship
  • Mini-Urban Challenge national high school robotics tournament
  • College Intern Opportunities
  • STEM Summer Camps



We offer internships to juniors and seniors in college with a variety of academic disciplines and backgrounds. Our goal is to provide a real and dynamic environment where our interns can gather the working skills necessary to set them on the path to success for their future careers.

Must be a US Citizen.

Resumes are accepted at any time, but are only evaluated at three times during the year: March (for Summer), July (for Fall), and October (for Spring).


We offer internships in the following fields:

• Graphic Design

• Data Analytics

• Mechanical Engineering

• Computer Science

• Business

• Electrical Engineering

• Physics

• Robotics Mechanization

Industry Fellowship Program


SOFWERX is looking for energetic technical experts from industry to be Industry Fellows in our innovation environment. All engineering disciplines are considered; however, current desired Industry Fellowship positions are:

• Software Programmer – Coding

• Senior Software Programmer – Algorithms

• Aerospace Engineering

• Robotics Engineer

• Systems Engineer

• Electrical Engineering – Control Theory

• Mechanical Engineer

• Software Programmer – Mobile Developer (Android, etc)