SOFWERX hosts STEM-related events in collaboration with other government partners. SOFWERX members and their associates mentor these students and expose them to career opportunities in hi-tech fields. Examples of STEM events hosted include:

  • FIRST® Robotics Competition mentorship
  • Mini-Urban Challenge national high school robotics tournament
  • College Intern Opportunities
  • STEM Summer Camps



We offer internships to juniors and seniors in college with a variety of academic disciplines and backgrounds. Our goal is to provide a real and dynamic environment where our interns can gather the working skills necessary to set them on the path to success for their future careers. We currently hire interns from USF and Florida Polytechnic University.

Resumes are accepted at any time, but are only evaluated at three times during the year: March (for Summer), July (for Fall), and October (for Spring).


We offer internships in the following fields:

• Graphic Design

• Data Analytics

• Mechanical Engineering

• Computer Science

• Business

• Electrical Engineering

• Physics

• Robotics Mechanization


We believe that some of our nations toughest challenges are only one or two connections away from being solved. By joining our ecosystem, you are committing to being part of the networked solution. You will occasionally receive e-mails informing you of our current challenges and how you can participate. If the challenge is not within your area of expertise, you probably know someone who can help. By passing along the information, you’re helping us to create a vibrant ecosystem. Come and join us.