To PEO-SW and JSOC will be holding “Industry Collaboration Days” on 15-16 November 2017. The purpose of this event is to provide industry with an opportunity for a focused engagement with members of PEO-SW and JSOC to share ideas that facilitate the delivery of innovative capabilities to Special Operations Forces (SOF).

1-30 August Whitepaper Submissions to PEO-SW and JSOC
15 October Submission Downselect complete and invitations sent out
15-16 November SOFWIC event in Tampa, FL

Commodity Areas

  • •  Ground Mobility
  •   Visual Augmentation System
  •   Weapon Systems
  •   Ammunition/Demolition
  •   Soldier Protection, Survival, and Equipment Systems
  •   Tactical Combat Casualty Medical Care System
  •   Find, Fix, Finish, Exploitation, and Analysis Capabilities (F3EA)


Announcement Details: To alleviate any confusion regarding this event, please read the entire announcement thoroughly. Click here for SOFWIC details

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