3D Geospatial Series

Tech Sprint I: 24-28 February 2020

Submissions Closed on 27 January 11:59 PM EST

On 24-28 February, SOFWERX, in concert with USSOCOM Program Executive Office for Special Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Exploitation (PEO-SRSE), will host a 3D Geospatial Tech Sprint designed to encourage collaboration among software engineers and developers working to enhance 3D data production and dissemination. This event will stimulate advances in 3D geospatial data compatibility and promote interoperability between Modeling & Simulation and Mission Command systems providing decision support to Special Operations Forces.

Further automate production and dissemination of 3D geospatial data in OGC CDB format to accelerate content creation and meet Warfighter needs for tactical terrain data in open industry standard formats. Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) industry standards enable interoperability of geospatial data across systems and applications that SOF operators and analysts use across warfighting functions.

What is OGC CDB?
OGC CDB is an open industry standard, defined by the Open Geospatial Consortium, for packaging a rich set of data that is interoperable between geospatial intelligence applications, modeling and simulation environments and decision support tools. The standard defines an open format to store, access and modify a geospatially accurate synthetic environment up to and including a “versionable” virtual representation of the earth.

Data layers, which can be stored in an OGC CDB, include maps, imagery, terrain information, sensor data, 3D models of structures and other features, detailed textures and physical characteristics allowing computation of material effects and behavioral models used by full-mission simulators, virtual reality systems, advanced analytic and planning applications and AI-enabled decision support tools requiring real-world correlation.

What is a Tech Sprint? 
A Tech Sprint is a 1-2 week event to rapidly assess and integrate technologies of interest. Those selected software engineers and developers to participate, will collaborate with others to combine their tools for assessment and integration during the week-long event, working towards OGC CDB and C2/M&S interoperability.

Why Should Developers & Engineers Participate?
USSOCOM and other Defense organizations are interested in purchasing material solutions for emerging capabilities that use the same foundation geospatial data for M&S and Mission Command. Software engineers and developers will have an opportunity to exchange technical knowledge and build expertise required to demonstrate low density, high demand skills in fast moving open source technologies and open standards. Multiple organizations participate to align integration designs and long-term technology roadmaps.

Technology Focus Areas – Automated Production & Dissemination of CDB Layers from Tactical Sensor Data

  • Automate integration of tactical sensor data such as full-motion video, LiDAR, RF, electro-optical, and HEO (Hyper-Enabled Operator) sources into a CDB-based 3D COP (Common Operational Picture), including terrain and building exterior and interior models in OGC-compliant formats.
  • Reduce the complexity and polygon count of identified 3D surface features so that models are better suited for commercial gaming engines, image generators, simulators and decision support tools.
  • Segment resulting data into lightweight layers to support mobile and disconnected platforms such as TAK (including ATAK, WinTAK, VTAK) and HEO while maintaining sensor metadata, attribution and provenance (e.g. date, time, sensor identification and settings) from the full-scale CDB repository.
  • Compare, adjudicate and conflate newly constructed content with existing CDB layers, create a new CDB version and flag for leadership approval. Provide streaming access via public internet (unclassified, no CAC required) to the newly created and approved content.


Phase I – 16 December to 27 January – Submissions Open: Industry, Academic and Laboratory partners can submit their technology and/or capabilities for review. Submission instructions and templates are provided at the bottom of the webpage. Submissions will be reviewed and evaluated for their potential to satisfy the Warfighters’ needs. Favorably evaluated submissions will receive an invitation on or about 05 February. Those selected participants will be afforded ~$8K for participation in the Tech Sprint to offset travel, lodging and provide for a modest stipend. Funding will be provided upon completion of the event on 28 February.

Phase II – 05 February to 24 February – Matchmaking: Organizations may begin pre-event collaboration and development, as required based on level of integration/interoperability with other systems.

Phase III – 24 February to 28 February – Tech Sprint: During the event, attendees will collaborate to integrate individual existing technologies with a common CDB data store and leverage the capabilities of other participants to tackle onsite challenge scenarios, which combine focus areas. Teams will have an opportunity to present their solutions and progress to Government Stakeholders at the conclusion of the Tech Sprint.

Phase IV – Path Forward: Additional Tech Sprints will be scheduled and culminate in a Warfighter assessment and demonstration. Participants with the most new, novel and provocative solutions may be invited to participate in the final event TBD September 2020.

Tentative Agenda
24 February
1230-1300: Arrival & Check In
1300-1330: Welcome & Introductions
1330-1500: CDB Developer Briefings
1500-1700: Tech Sprint Briefing: Process for Sprint Collaboration & Team Alignment
1700: End of Day Remarks

25-27 February
0800-0815: Arrival & Check In
0815-0830: Eureka (Group Discussion)
0830-1130: Tech Integration
1130-1200: Team Back-Briefs
1200-1300: Lunch (On Your Own)
1300-1630: Tech Integration
1630-1700: Team Back-Briefs
1700: End of Day Remarks

28 February
0800-0815: Arrival & Check In
0815-0830: Eureka (Group Discussion)
0830-1000: Demonstration Prep
1000-1200: Demonstrations/DV Review/User Assessment
1200-1230: Closing Remarks

1925 E 2nd Ave Suite 102
Tampa, FL 33605

For event related questions, please contact Tania Steele, tania.steele@sofwerx.org
For technical related questions, please contact Tim Blakely, tim.blakely@victor42.com and Tracey Birch, tracey.birch@cloudlakellc.com