CDB Developer Workshop

01 May 2019


SOFWERX, in collaboration with USSOCOM, will host a CDB Developer Workshop designed to stimulate advances in 3D geospatial data compatibility and interoperable C2, simulation and gaming technologies. CDB is an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standard structure for persistent, global-scale data stores optimized for very high-speed access and visualization of 2D and 3D imagery, terrain, geographic objects, moving objects & entities, and material textures & characteristics.

Software engineers and developers working on OGC CDB and C2/M&S interoperability are welcome to attend and may also submit innovative projects to be considered for presentations during the workshop.


Event Methodology

USSOCOM is requesting submissions for innovative work regarding OGC CDB, which includes new, novel, or provocative standards-based solutions for mixed reality to the tactical edge. Five presenters will be competitively selected and receive $10,000 to travel and present their solutions to the CDB Developer Group. Solutions presented may also lead to a near-term award for additional development. A two-page white paper was due by 08 April 2019. Selected developers will be notified on or about 10 April 2019.

• Submissions are not required to attend. Those wishing to attend without presenting were required to register before 24 April 2019.

• If you are selected to present, your OGC Developer Group briefing must be prepared and received by Friday, 26 April 2019.


Technical Areas of Interest

To stimulate advances in technology and innovation, reusable code and open source software solutions are preferred.

• One World Terrain (OWT) Compatibility with CDB

• CDB in AWS S3

• Lambda Architecture

• GPU-Accelerated Content Creation

• AI/ML to Reduce Data Preprocessing

• Tactical UAV Sensor Data to CDB Layers

• Automated Generation of CDB Content

• CDB-Enabled Autonomous Systems

• Harmonizing Gridded and Polygonal Terrain

• Mobile Application Interoperability


Tentative Agenda

01 May 2019

1000 – 1015: Check-In
1015 – 1030: SOFWERX Welcome & Introductions
1030 – 1100: Mobile Deployment of CDB Briefing & Discussion (15-minute brief, 15-minute discussion)
1100 – 1130: Automated CDB w/ LiDAR Briefing & Discussion (15-minute brief, 15-minute discussion)
1130 – 1200: Open Src CDB Viz & Exploitation Briefing & Discussion (15-minute brief, 15-minute discussion)
1200 – 1245: USSOCOM TE 19-2 Out-brief
1200 – 1245: Working lunch provided by USSOCOM
1245 – 1315: 3D Tiles Briefing & Discussion (15-minute brief, 15-minute discussion)
1315 – 1345: CDB w/ 4D Content Briefing & Discussion (15-minute brief, 15-minute discussion)
1345 – 1415: CDB in OWT and Unity Briefing & Discussion (15-minute brief, 15-minute discussion)
1415 – 1430: Networking Break
1430 – 1500: GDAL OBJ-CDB Cross-Translation Briefing & Discussion (15-minute brief, 15-minute discussion)
1500 – 1530: Drag-n-Drop ML Workflows Briefing & Discussion (15-minute brief, 15-minute discussion)
1530 – 1600: CDB w/ Subterranean Voxels Briefing & Discussion (15-minute brief, 15-minute discussion)
1600 – 1700: Open Forum – OGC IE Update & Machine Learning Lab
1700: Adjourn


1925 E 2nd Ave Suite 102
Tampa, FL 33605


For technical questions, please contact Tim Blakely, or Tracey Birch,

For event related questions, please contact Tania Steele,


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