PEO-RW Next Generation Cockpit 

(SOA Modular Integrated Mission System)

Industry Demonstration Day 

09-13 September 2019

CLOSED 07 August 11:59 PM EST


SOFWERX, in concert with United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Program Executive Office Rotary Wing (PEO-RW), will host a multi-phase event to identify the next generation Special Operations Aviation (SOA) cockpit.

The purpose of the event is to inform the requirements for next generation of SOA cockpit (hardware & software) in a SOA variant legacy and Future Vertical Lift (FVL) platforms with material cockpit demonstrators. It will ensure state of the art technology informs future cockpit management solutions including open systems architecture, heads down, heads up and helmet mounted displays. It will also ensure exposure to any technology that could increase aviator capability from the cockpit.

Focus Areas

  • Controls
  • Voice Activation
  • Heads Up Eyes Out Display
  • Windscreen
  • Display
  • Communication/ICS
  • Operational Flight Program (Operating System)

Why Should You Participate?
It’s an opportunity for industry, laboratory and academic partners to better understand the operational needs of the RW user community and to share their technology concepts for a future cockpit that may feed into a SOA variant Legacy or Future Vertical Lift Platform (TRL 6 NLT 2021). Additionally, USSOCOM seeks to enter into non-FAR based agreements with industry partners whose solutions are favorably evaluated by USSOCOM subject matter experts. As such, this event is considered competitive in the same manner as a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) or Commercial Solutions Opening (CSO), and solutions will be evaluated independently of one another primarily for technical merit. This serves dually as notification of the intent to research the feasibility of an agreement under 10 U. S. Code, Section 2371b and/or Section 2371b(f), and as notice of pre-solicitation activities IAW FAR 5.204.

Event Overview

COMPLETED: Phase I – 16 July 2019 Capability Collaboration Event: SOFWERX will conduct a Capability Collaboration Event (CCE) focused on Next Generation SOA Cockpits in the areas of interest outlined above. During this event, Warfighters will interact and inform Industry, Academic and Laboratory partners to further communicate operational needs and/or desirements. The CCE will be conducted at SOFWERX in Tampa, Florida. RSVP to attend the CCE NLT 09 July 2019. Due to limited capacity only one person per organization will be allowed to attend.

Phase II – 25 July – 07 August 2019 Industry Demonstration Day submissions open: Industry, Academics and Laboratory partners can submit their technology and/or capabilities for review by SOA SME’s. Submission instructions and templates are provided at the bottom of the page. Submissions will be reviewed by USSOCOM SOA SME’s and evaluated for their potential to satisfy the Warfighter’s needs discussed during the 16 July collaboration event. Favorably evaluated submissions will receive an invitation on or about 21 August 2019. There are three submission categories:

  • Category 1: Full Cockpit Demonstrator (Quad Chart)
  • Category 2: Independent Systems Capability (Displays, Tablets, Computer Systems, etc.) (Quad Chart)
  • Category 3: Concepts for implementation of a Modular Open Systems Architecture in a distributed SIL (White Paper)

Phase III – 09-13 September Industry Demonstration Day: During the Industry Demonstration Day, selectees will participate in the following ways:

  • Category 1: Selectees will bring their full cockpit demonstrators to expose and educate SOA SME’s to inform future requirements.
  • Category 2: Selectees will demonstrate or provide their independent systems capabilities in an exposition forum with feedback from Government teams for potential consideration in Phase IV.
  • Category 3: Selectees will be evaluated and selected for potential one-on-one briefings with SOA SME’s for potential consideration in Phase IV.

At the conclusion of each day, the SOA cockpit team will also compile potential requirements for their future capability development document (CDD). The event will be attended by PEO-RW, TAPO, SIMO, FVL partners and other government entities. 

Phase IV: Successfully negotiated awards may fall under any combination of these categories:

– Other Transaction Agreements under 10 U.S. Code, Section 2371 or 2371b* (prototyping/production follow-on)
– Procurement contract for experimental purposes 10 U. S. Code, Section 2373
– Middle Tier Acquisition, Section 804 Rapid Pathways
– Business to business research and development agreement as a sub-award (15 U.S. Code, Section 3715)
– Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (15 U.S. Code, Section 3710a)

*An award under 10 U. S. Code, Section 2371b may result in the further award of a follow-on production agreement without additional competition based on successful prototype completion. The Government may make this follow-on production award even if all successful prototype criteria are not fully met during the prototype project.

How You Can Participate
Industry, Academia, and National Labs

Submissions Closed 07 August 11:59 PM EST
Submission and Evaluation Criteria: Click Here to Review
Quad Chart Template if submitting for Category 1 & 2: Click Here to Download
White Paper Template if submitting for Category 3: Click Here to Download


For event related questions, contact Kinsey Crim,
For technical related questions, contact Jeff Timmons,