PIA & Lab Collaboration Event 

05 December 2018

Submission Deadline: Closed


On 05 December, SOFWERX, in collaboration with USSOCOM and various Laboratories, will host a Partnership Intermediary and Lab collaboration event. Partnership Intermediaries and their sponsoring Labs, or those Labs who do not have a PIA but wish to attend for visibility, are invited to participate in the event to help determine the most impactful and mutually beneficial ways to create enduring partnerships, communicate effectively across the enterprise and create proper incentivizations.



PIA & Lab attendees will form small working groups to identify topic area limitations and how to overcome them. Working groups will subsequently brief their findings and “Blue Sky” action plans to the larger audience.


Topic Areas

1. Determine the most impactful and mutually beneficial ways to create enduring partnerships

•  Semi-Annual or Annual Meetings?

•  Repository of each location, who it represents and its associated capabilities?

2. How best to communicate effectively across the enterprise

•  Notify each other about upcoming events, to reduce redundancy and provide mutually beneficial opportunities

•  Alert each other to technology needs and/or technology transition opportunities

•  Share lessons learned and/or significant regulatory changes/opportunities

•  Should we use dedicated communication tools (RE: Slack channels and/or dedicated websites)

3. How to create the proper incentivizations for both PIAs & Labs


Tentative Agenda 

05 December

0800 – 0830: Check In
0830 – 0900: SOFWERX Welcome Remarks & Ice Breaker
0900 – 0945: Current Limitations Breakouts (2 rounds, 20 minutes each)
0945 – 1000: Break
1000 – 1130: Ways to Overcome Limitations (2 rounds, 45 minutes each)
1130 – 1300: Networking Lunch
1300 – 1330: Technology & Incentives
1330 – 1530: “Blue Sky” Working Groups
1530 – 1620: “Blue Sky” Presentations (5 groups, 5-minute brief / 5-minute Q&A each)
1625 – 1630: Break & Voting
1630 – 1700: Large Q&A and Path Forward
1700  –1730: SOFWERX 101 and Tour (Optional)
1730: Networking & No-Host Social (The Bad Monkey)

Breakout Sessions

Director’s Brief: Click Here to View the Director’s Brief

Current Limitations and Ways to Overcome Limitations: Click Here to Review Limitations

Possible Technology Means/Tools: Click Here to Review Technology/Tools

Possible Incentives: Click Here to Review Incentives

Blue Sky Presentation Presentations: Click Here to Review Presentations


Event Feedback

Submit Feedback: Click Here to Submit Event Feedback



For event related questions, please contact Tania Steele at [email protected] 


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