SOFWERX SOF/Service/OGA Council for Innovation and Agile Acquisitions

Council:  Comprised of SOF, Service and OGA Reps located at SOFWERX in Tampa, Florida.

Council Purpose: Increase and accelerate capabilities to the warfighter using agile acquisition processes and the SOFWERX platform:

•  Cross leveraging networks & expertise to find best of breed and buy down risk
•  Creating non-traditional technology opportunities
•  Generating efficiencies through leveraged funding
•  Applying flexible business methodologies
•  Advancing cross cutting, high yield capabilities

Timeline: Beginning now with 1-year off-ramps as desired



•  Rapid Cross Service Assessments
•  Pivot Speed
•  PhD Warfighter Evaluation
•  Access to Early Adopters
•  Non-Traditional Networks
•  Flexible Business Models


•  Reduce Redundancy
•  Improved X-Coordination
•  SOF/Service Transitions
•  Greater Service Tech Insights
•  Deeper Tech/Innovation Visibility
•  Increased Funding Leverage



1) Deepen relationships in the Service/OGA lab networks for potential technology transitions
2) Provide current Service/OGA gaps and desired future end states
3) Provide current Service/OGA technology insights and projects
4) Co-develop acquisition strategies for potential transition
5) Assist with finding synergies across the other Services/OGA and SOF Components
6) Assist with identifying acquisition and transition opportunities

  SOF Components 

1) Deepen relationships with SOCOM PEO’s, PM’s and Service Labs
2) Broaden Warfighter relationships and create strategies for unit cross-decking/visibility
3) Provide current Component gaps
4) Provide current Component insights and projects
5) Perform/arrange for testing, evaluations and feedback
6) Assist with finding synergies across the other SOF Components and the Services/OGA
7) Assist with identifying acquisition and transition opportunities


Service/OGA: Rep & $2M 

•  $1M O&M: Rep Position, Facilities, Processes, Events & Non-Traditional Network Offsets
• $1M RDT&E for SOF/Service/OGA Projects

SOF Component: Rep Position

• Rep stationed at SOFWERX
• Prioritized Gaps/Desirements
• Willingness to evaluate, test and provide feedback

Additional Information

For more information regarding SOFWERX: Click Here to Review SOFWERX 101 Brief

For more information regarding Council partnership: Click Here to Review the Council Infographic

Questions & Join the Council

If you are decision maker (or represent a decision maker), that can approve either the funding and/or positions for the SOFWERX SOF/Service/OGA Council, please contact the SOFWERX Director, Mr. Tambrein Bates at or USSOCOM Agile Acquistion Director, Ms. Kelly Stratton-Feix, at for more information.