SOFWERX is a platform established under a Partnership Intermediary Agreement between USSOCOM and DEFENSEWERX to help USSOCOM solve challenging Warfighter problems. We are a public facing emissary that facilitates collaboration, innovation, prototyping and exploration with Industry, National Labs, Academia Government and End Users. 

Under our charter, SOFWERX maintains a platform to accelerate delivery of innovative capabilities to USSOCOM. Our team facilitates capability refinement through exploration, experimentation and assessment of promising technology.

SOFWERX facilitates collaboration, ideation and innovation with the best minds of Industry, Academia, National Labs Government and End Users. Our focus is on proof of theory, proof of concept and rapid prototyping. A section of the SOFWERX facility is dedicated as a rapid prototyping workshop which contains the following capabilities:

– Welding

– Grinders

– Iron Worker

– Manual Lathe/Mill

– CNC Lathe/Mill/Plasma Cutter

– Horizontal Bandsaw

– Hydraulic Compress Break

– Drill Press

– 3D Printer

– Rapidly Configurable Collaboration Spaces

– Web Conference/Multimedia Equipment

– Hybrid Cloud Compute Infrastructure

– Mobile/IoT Lab

SOFWERX internal STEM team strives to equip the next generation of problem solvers by furthering education in STEM fields. This effort produces opportunities for students to acquire necessary skills to better assist the Warfighter through innovation and collaboration. This is accomplished through funding various clubs, teams or classes as well as hosting several internal STEM events each year.

SOFWERX offers opportunities to enhance and expand current workforce skill sets through a variety of traditional and non-traditional methods. This includes collaboration opportunities, assessment events, leadership seminars and guest lecturers. 

Becoming a part of the ecosystem

The only requirement is that you are willing to participate and engage.

No. Participation is free, but we do ask that you use it wisely and be thoughtful as one of our emissaries.


DEFENSEWERX (DWX) was established in 2012 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit and is headquartered in Niceville, Florida.  The organization has several innovation hubs located across the USA, including SOFWERX.

Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIA)

A Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIA) is used to facilitate rapid transfer of information and technology from private sectors to government sectors, giving equal advantage to small business, labs and academia.


15 USC 3715 & SECNAVINST 5700.17, Domestic Technology Transfer, 27 March 2009