February Tech Talk Thursday

February 2 from 1500-1730

Tech Talk Thursday is an event to expose participants to University/FFRDC, Lab and Industry Partner Technologies, Capabilities or Research Areas of interest. It is followed by a social meet and greet with all participants.

1500-1505 Welcome announcements
1505-1525 Florida Polytechnic University, Dr. Christina Drake
1525-1535 Q&A/Setup
1535-1555 Colorado Engineering, Inc., Larry and Nancy Scally
1555-1605 Q&A/Setup
1605-1625 TBD
1625-1635 Q&A
1635-1730 Networking social

*schedule is subject to change


Florida Polytechnic University

Dr. Christina Drake is an assistant professor in the College of Engineering at Florida Polytechnic University. She also serves as the Chair of the Florida Polytechnic Faculty Assembly. Prior to Florida Polytechnic, Dr. Drake was a Research Engineer at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control, a post she held since 2008. Prior to that, she was a Nanotechnology Research Engineer at Lockheed Martin. She started and co-chaired the Lockheed Martin Nano-Bio working group and is the nanotechnology editor for the Industrial Biotechnology Journal. Her research interests cover novel materials and sensors based on metamaterial approaches; low-cost imagers and sensors; and biologically inspired or incorporated sensors and platforms.

Website: https://floridapolytechnic.org

Presentation: Sensors are an important tool in detecting and measuring a physical or electromagnetic property. It gives us information about the world around us that can inform decisions and protect people. This talk will cover how emerging research can be used to enhance or redefine sensors. Two specific examples will be explored. The first will be current research to apply biologically inspired image processing for weather related sensing. The second will be application of realistic metamaterials to extend the capabilities of imaging and sensor devices.



Colorado Engineering, Inc. 

Larry Scally is CEI’s Co-founder, President and Chief Technology Officer. Larry has diverse systems, hardware, firmware and software experience in radar, communication, EW and SIGINT in the areas of electromagnetics, antenna design, RF design, DSP and high performance processing. He spent five years on Kwajalein upgrading, maintaining and operating the TRADEX L/S band radar. He co-founded Catalina Research in 1990 and served as President and CTO. Larry earned a Master of Business Administration, Master of Electrical Engineering and Bachelor in Electrical Engineering at Villanova University. He will graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder in December 2016 with a Ph.D.E.E in Electromagnetics/Remote Sensing.

Nancy Scally is CEI’s Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. She also serves on the board of advisors for Kansas State University (K-State). K-State awarded Nancy with the 2012 Entrepreneur Award, which honors alumni who have made significant professional contributions to their fields. In 2011, she received the Small Business Administration Tibbetts award for exemplifying the best in the small innovative business research programs. Also in 2011, Colorado Engineering’s Mentor Protégé program was awarded the esteemed Nunn-Perry award. Nancy graduated in 1983 from K-State with a degree in human ecology.

Website: www.coloradoengineering.com

Presentation: Low cost, small form factor, Radar for detecting weapons – SWORD



Dr. Edward (Denny) Dahl is a Senior Research Scientist at D-Wave, working on algorithms research, training, and technical sales support and communication. His career has spanned many years in high technology, after earning a PhD in physics from Stanford University and doing post-doctoral research at Lawrence Livermore National Labs.

Website: dwavesys.com

Presentation: Despite the incredible power of today’s supercomputers, there are many computationally-intensive applications that can’t be addressed by conventional systems. Quantum computers have left the laboratory and offer the potential to help solve some of the most complex technical, commercial, scientific, and national defense problems that organizations face. Dr. Dahl will present an introduction to quantum computing and explain how D-Wave quantum technology works and the application areas it addresses.



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