Driving Data to Tactical Decisions and Action

Prize Challenge: Mobile Sensor Data Collection (Submit by 30 June) 


Event Summary

On 26-27 April, SOFWERX hosted a geospatial Future Directions Collaboration event and Hack-n-Hunt scavenger hunt to advance open geospatial standards, software, and sensor technology for use with portable, disconnected devices.

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Geo Hack-n-Hunt Event Presentations

Urban 3D Challenge and Future Directions – Myron Brown, John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

The Science of Where – Malachi Keddington, Esri

How We Employ and Create GEOINT for our Model-Enabled MDMP Analysis – Gary Citrenbaum, SoSA

Geospatial Analysis Benefits of a Data Layer – Nick Riccio, SAP

Constellation for Real-Time Situational Awareness in Special Operations – Douglas Pasley, Haystax

Luciad OGC CDB Studio Bridge the Gap Between the GIS & Modeling & Solutions – Trent Tinker, Luciad

OPTOnav for Targeting, Navigation, and Measurement – Charles Forsberg, Forsberg Services

Predictive Analytics and Crowdsourcing GIS – Aaron Tirrell, Radiant Solutions

SEE: Synthetic Environment Enhancement for Unity – Vaughn Whisker, Penn State ARL

Connected and/or Intelligent Devices are Targets for Cyber Attacks – Steven Russo, Eclypses


Geo Hack-n-Hunt Notes

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Industry, NGO, Academia, & General Public Ways to Participate

Submit a Solution: Click Here to Review the Mobile Sensor Data Collection  (Submit by 30 June)



For questions regarding the event, contact hacknhunt@sofwerx.org


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