Hacking The Human Element


Novel wearable technologies for monitoring, optimizing and enhancing elite operators


1-3 December


Expo Technology Submission Deadline: 20 November

Hackathon RSVP Deadline: 30 November

On 1-3 December, SOFWERX in collaboration with MD5 will host a technology hackathon (1 December), preceded by an expo focused on wearable technologies and their applications in Tampa, FL. This event will bring together practitioners, technologists, developers, academia, industry partners, and warfighters to build and demonstrate product prototypes that incorporate wearable technologies to measure, augment, and/or enhance the human as part of a system performing in austere operational environments.

These environments may include far forward medical facilities, casualty evacuation zones, conflict zones, first responder situations, and other emergency response scenarios. Warfighters will provide unique insights of the physical and mental challenges, remote communication needs, data collection, organization requirements, and the application of these technologies in hostile environments.


How can you get involved?   

SOFWERX invites Academia, Interagency, Industry Partners and the National Labs to participate in the following ways:

1. Review the Hacking the Human Element Brief: Click Here

2. Demonstrate or attend the Hacking the Human Element Expo Event: Click Here to Register

 A representative from your company must participate in the weekend long hackathon in order to present a capability to end users at the expo. 

3. Participate in the Hack the Human Element Hackathon: Click Here to Register


Tentative Schedule:

Friday Dec 1

8:00AM — Company check in
10:00AM — Doors open to Expo
12:00PM — Break for Lunch
4:00PM-6:00PM — Hackathon Registration & Check-in
6:00PM — Expo Closes
6:00PM — Challenge Brief Kicks off event (Experts explain challenges, teams form, “mini pitch” format)
11:00PM — SOFWERX Close for the evening

Saturday Dec 2

8:00AM – SOFWERX Doors Open
11:00PM – SOFWERX Doors Close


Sunday Dec 3

8:00AM – SOFWERX Doors Open
2:00PM – Awards Ceremony