Integrated Tactical Mission System (ITMS) Capability Collaboration Event 

28-29 August 2018 

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On 28 – 29 August, SOFWERX, in collaboration with USSOCOM, will host a Capability Collaboration Event to identify Integrated Tactical Mission System (ITMS) technology limitations and explore opportunities to overcome them.



The purpose of this ideation session is to inform PEO-FW of the current and near future capabilities that could potentially satisfy the ITMS for the MC/AC-130 platforms, and assess the required overarching architecture to integrate legacy systems into a single process.


Focus Areas

The end goal of ITMS is to maintain or reduce the required crew complement for MC/AC-130 operations as advanced mission capabilities are added and these platforms are employed against increasingly complex mission sets. This event will identify existing capability gaps, describe interfaces, and set end state requirements that would eventually lead to a full technical analysis of the current state.

At a minimum, ITMS is expected to integrate no less than 5 systems tied to mission planning and survivability of the MC-130 and AC-130 aircrafts.

The desired improvement categories are:

•  Allocation of tasks and processing to federated systems
•  Identification of gaps and conflicts within current system
•  Increased processing
•  Lower mean time between failures (MTBF)


Tentative Agenda 

28 August

0800-0815: Attendee Check-In
0815-0830: SOFWERX Welcome
0830-0900: PEO-FW Welcome Remarks
0915-1000: Problem Set Overview and System Discussion, Q&A
1000-1015: Break
1015-1030: Icebreaker
1030-1145: Individual System Breakdown (Current Systems)
1145-1245: Limiting Factors Breakout Session
1245-1345: Lunch (Around the World Burgers and Vamos Food Trucks Available for Purchase)
1400-1530: Overcoming Limiting Factors Breakout
1530-1700: Art of the Possible Breakout
1700: Daily Wrap-Up/Closing Remarks

29 August 

0800-0830: Check In
0830-0915: Holiday Inn Express Round
0915-1145: Blue Sky Working Groups (3 Groups)
1145-1300: Lunch (Around the World Burgers Food Truck Available for Purchase)
1300-1400: Blue Sky Presentations (10-Minute Brief and 5-Minute Q&A)
1400-1415: Break & Voting
1415-1500: Wrap Up, Overview and Closing Remarks
1500: Optional SOFWERX Tour

Breakout Sessions

28 August

Limiting Factors: Click Here to Review Limiting Factors

Overcoming Limiting Factors: Click Here to Review Overcoming Limiting Factors

Art of the Possible Session: Click Here to Submit Answers

29 August

Holiday Inn Express Results: Click Here to Submit Holiday Inn Express Results

Prioritization Presentation Template: Click Here to View Template 

Voting Results: Click Here to View Voting Results and Presentations

Event Feedback:

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