16-19 January 

Request to Attend Deadline: 10 January 

Top 6 Ideas Will Be Funded $50K Each for Prototype Development 

SOFWERX, in collaboration with USSOCOM & JIDO, will conduct a Rapid Prototyping Event (RPE). This is a 60-day short fuse response designed to rapidly identify and build innovative, low cost prototyped solutions for current passive infrared (IR) problem sets.

For the initial Ideation and Experimentation Session 16-19 January, SOFWERX will reimburse the Top 20 down selected invitees their travel at JTR rates with a stipend of $600 per day. Paid attendee down selects will be based on a combination of relevant experience and the ability to rapidly develop an innovative prototype, as well as the ease of your organization to accept the reimbursement. However, all others may attend at their own cost. Please submit your request to attend below:

Request to Attend Ideation & Experimentation Session: Click here to Request to Attend 

Government Only: Request to Attend 

11 January: All submitters will be invited to attend, and those selected for reimbursement will be notified as well. Everyone will receive a finalized agenda and RSVP confirmation on 11 January. In the interim, please make plans to attend the Ideation & Experimentation Session kick off at 12 PM on 16 January in Tampa, FL.

16-19 January:  SOFWERX will conduct an initial ideation and experimentation session for four days, which will allow participants to better understand the problem set and the capabilities & limitations of proposed solutions. Click here for the PIR Sensor Data Sheet

22-26 January: Teams will be encouraged to return to their home locations and conduct further explorations/experiments to determine if they could further develop potential solutions.

28-29 January: Potential solutions will be pitched to SOFWERX, USSOCOM, JIDO, and respective Warfighters to determine the top six ideas.

30 January – 28 February: The Top 6 idea submitters will each receive sub awards for $50,000 to develop their prototypes over the next 2-4 weeks.

1-8 March: Those prototypes, once developed, will undergo limited user testing (LUT) at SOFWERX, and forward deployed for further military user assessment (MUAS) to determine their efficacy.

For questions, please contact Keri Cline at [email protected]  or 813.693.5599 ext. 103