Project Agile Meridian 

25 January 2019

RSVP NLT 21 January 


On 25 January, SOFWERX in collaboration with USSOCOM and AFRL, will host an event to showcase Project Agile Meridian and address technical innovations in support of JUONS 0575. Project Agile Meridian provides a mitigation strategy to support operations in a GPS contested environment with mounted and dismounted solutions, as well as UAS Groups 1-5 solutions. These capabilities were developed for the Warfighter to provide spectrum awareness and identification of EMI, reporting signal to noise levels, and exporting derived data to tactical and operational users via Geospatial Information Systems (GIS). This event is meant to back brief Government Stakeholders on the status and potential future interoperability needs of this capability.


Agile Meridian Overview

Warfighters on today’s battlefield operate in a highly contested electromagnetic environment which greatly impacts the probability of mission success. Project Agile Meridian has developed technical solutions to mitigate this growing threat and ensure mission success for today’s Warfighter.



0800-1030: Government Only Discussion at USSOCOM (USSOCOM HQ 501 E RM 245) (TS/SCI Clearance Required)
1100-1230: Lunch and Travel to SOFWERX
1230-1300: Opening Comments
1300-1400: Spectral Canary Dismounted Capability (AFRL/TalenX/Echo Ridge/Draper)
1400-1500: Spectral Canary – UAS Capability (AFRL/TalenX/Draper)
1500-1600: Assured PNT for Major Weapons Systems (Draper)
1600-1700: DoD and Vendor Engagements
1800: No Host Social at Coppertail Brewery


How Can You Participate

RSVP to Attend: Click Here to RSVP (NLT 21 January)



For event related questions, please contact Kinsey Crim, [email protected]

For technical related questions, please contact David Criscione, [email protected]


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