SOFWERX Intern Presentations: PizzaKucha

02-03 April 2019

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On 02-03 April, SOFWERX will host the Spring 2019 SOFWERX Intern Presentations: PizzaKucha. This presentation is a required part of the SOFWERX internship program. It is an opportunity for you to showcase your public speaking skills by presenting on a project, or projects, you have been working on as an intern to professors and SOFWERX staff members.


What is PizzaKucha?

A 6-minute and 40-second presentation of 20 slides, with images, spending exactly 20 seconds on each slide, as they automatically advance. Your presentation must follow the structure of a PechaKucha presentation.

Note: PechaKucha presentations should be mostly images and simply, short text, if any.



Watch these two videos, explaining more about what a PechaKucha is and how to make one.

Watch Video One: Click Here to Watch

Watch Video Two: Click Here to Watch



PowerPoint Presentations, should be completed with the appropriate timed slides (20 seconds each) and must be emailed to Bailey Crim, [email protected]  OR uploaded to SharePoint folder {SWX_Docs < Documents < PechaKucha < Spring 2019} one week before the scheduled date. Hence, if presenting on Tuesday, 3 April, presentations must be sent or uploaded by Tuesday, 26 March and if presenting on Wednesday, 3 April, presentations must be sent or uploaded by Wednesday, 27 March.



SOFWERX, Small Auditorium @ 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM
1925 E 2nd Ave Suite 102
Tampa, FL 33605



If you have not submitted an RSVP form already, please do so: RSVP HERE



Spend a few minutes watching some of the presentations above and contact Bailey Crim, [email protected], for more questions or concerns.