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ThunderDrone Projects Collaboration Exhibit

Mission Vignettes List

1) Single team deploys drone for landing zone marking / survey

2) Vehicle launched drone(s) for convoy support and protection within heavy jamming environment

3) Single team deploys drone(s) to tag and track vehicles with payload or platform

4) Team deploys offensive swarm of drones for kinetic support of a single team element

5) Drone(s) locates a voice in a noisy environment and provides two way relay of voice to operator

6) Single team deploys drone(s) to provide target marking or lasing and battle damage assessment

7) Single team utilizes drone for communication or navigation spoofing against enemy targets

8) Drone deploys intelligence gathering sensors or drone(s) (high or lo altitude)

9) Single team deploys drone(s) to provide communications relay

10) Single team deploys drone(s) to gather intelligence (land/air/water) with onboard sensor(s) for real time monitoring & dissemination

11) Single team deploys drone(s) to Find/Fix/Finish opposing force swarm of drones

12) Single team deploys drone(s) to map interior of complex terrain (Large/multi-story building or tunnel complex)

13) Swarm of drones to deploy as a large interconnected sensor mesh to enable detection of individual or multiple targets

14) Integrate sensor data from multiple drone sensors on separate platforms to create higher fidelity fused data picture for single operator

15) Single team deploys drone(s) for unknown object investigation (EOD)

16) Single team deploys drone(s) for detection and identification of friend or foe actors within local area

17) Single team deploys subsurface drone from single boat to cut cables or netting

18) Single team deploys subsurface drone for combat swimmer support and protection

19) Single team deploys subsurface drone for action or support to underwater welding/repair

20) Single team deploys drone(s) from single boat to surface or sub-surface to detect, decoy or strike against Comms, Infrastructure, or Personnel




Capabilities List

1) Navigation with GPS

2) Navigation without GPS

3) Obstacle avoidance

4) Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), 2D and 3D

5) Real-time object classification

6) Real-time object tracking

7) Voice recognition

8) Imagery data transmission.

9) Audio data transmission

10) Heterogeneous sensor data collection

11) Heterogeneous sensor data integration

12) drone to drone daisy chain come

13) Autonomous follow (red or blue)

14) Common GCS controllers

15) Articulating limbs

16) Swarm Comm Protocol

17) Swarm GCS control methodology

18) Hybrid propulsion

19) Autopilot as needed

20) All weather/harsh environment

21) Denial resistant drone (CUAS robust)