Rotary Wing Capability Collaboration Event



RSVP Deadline by 26 October


On 7-8 November, SOFWERX will host the Rotary Wing Capability Collaboration Event (CCE) in Tampa, FL in conjunction with PEO-RW, PM-STS (Aviation), and the Systems Integration Management Office (SIMO), to assemble technical experts from Government Labs, program offices, SOF users, and industry.


Click here for the event synopsis (RFI): Rotary Wing Capability Collaboration Event



I. Understanding of current market trends and status for:

1. Deployable, transportable, and networked special operations aviation mission rehearsal, and training capability.

2. Inclusive special operations aviation mission rehearsal and training capability allowing high fidelity interaction between rated and non-rated aircrew members through a network capable system.

3. Special operations aviation mission rehearsal, and training systems with mission audio, video, and data capture/playback capabilities.

4. Use of Virtual Reality systems in mission rehearsal, and training systems.

5. Use of Virtual Reality in full motion simulations as the primary out the window image generation display system.

II. Identification of challenges to capability implementation (ie. cost drivers or areas of risk) and any on-going / planned efforts to overcome the following specific challenges:

1. Maintaining concurrency between the mission rehearsal/training capability and the actual aircraft systems.

2. Extended (two hours or longer) of Virtual Reality systems.


Capability Outcome: 

The data gathered through this collaborative event will generate concepts focused on the development of deployable / transportable mission rehearsal, and training tools as well as more realistic mission rehearsal environments.



One-on-one meetings between the Government team members and selected individual Industry partners review the submissions and discuss Industry’s perspective on the benefits, opportunities, and challenges of implementing an advanced mission rehearsal, and training capabilities.


How can you get involved?:

1. Review the Rotary Wing CCE Brief

2. See the attached informational quad chart example: See submission format

3. Register to attend the Rotary Wing CCE Brief