20-24 May 2019

Phase 1: SOF Warfighter Project submissions ends 13 March 

On 20-24 May SOFWERX, in collaboration with USSOCOM, will host SOFCON III. SOFCON is an event designed to deliberately partner SOF operators and subject matter experts such as: engineers, hackers and makers. The partners will experiment with non-standard commercial technologies or ideas to try and solve real world operational problems in a condensed time frame (5 working days). The outcomes of the experimentation will be briefed to other experimental peers, and be held in a common repository as an instruction set, available to the SOF community. This event will be conducted in three phases:

Phase 1: Now – 13 March, SOF Warfighter submits projects, based on the technology focus areas, or as a custom one-off project.

Phase 2: 27 March – 26 April, SME’s are assigned.

Phase 3: 20 – 24 May, SOFCON III event at SOFWERX in Tampa, Florida.


Focus Areas

The SOF Warfighter has until 13 March to submit a project based on the four following focus areas or one-off custom project.

1. Communications in a Contested Electromagnetic Environment

2. Long Distance, High Bandwidth, Non-Satellite Relay Links

3. AI-Enabled Intelligence/Surveillance/Reconnaissance Capabilities

4. Non-GPS Positioning, Navigation and Timing

5. Other Custom Project 


SOFCON Timeline

13 March: Project Request Submission Deadline
14 March: SOFWERX and GOV Review and Downselect Projects
15 March: SOFWERX Sends Confirmation Email
27 March: SME Sign up Begins
26 April: SME Sign up Deadline
03 May: Project Materials Ordered and SME’s assigned
03 May: SOFWERX sends Welcome Packet
13 May: SOFWERX rends reminder email to SME’s and Warfighters
13 May: SOFWERX sends finalized agenda to Government and attendees
20 May: GOV conducts a walk-thru to check setup
20-24 May: Event in Tampa, FL
24 May: SOFWERX sends all participants a link to complete feedback


How Can You Participate?


• Warfighters: Click Here to Submit Projects (Deadline 13 March)

Request to be a Subject Matter Expert

• Registration will open on or about 27 March.



For event related questions, please contact Kinsey Crim at

For technical related questions, please contact Rob Cantrell at