SOFWERX PEO FW Capability Collaboration Event

*Submissions due Friday, January 27th*

*NOTE* This is not a SOFWERX event in Tampa
It is being held at:
Doolittle Institute
73 Eglin Parkway Northeast, Suite 112
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548

This Government/Industry Route Replanning Collaboration Event will be held from 22-23 February 2017 at the Doolittle Institute in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.


• The joint Government/Industry session will be held on Wednesday, 22 February, from approximately 0800-1200 Central Time.


• One-on-one sessions will be held on Wednesday, 22 February, from 1300-1700 Central Time and on Thursday, 23 February, from 0800-1700 Central Time.


Program Executive Office Fixed Wing (PEO-FW), in conjunction with technical experts from Government Labs, program offices and Special Operation Forces (SOF) users are looking to investigate and explore what is in the realm of the possible as it pertains to the topic of automated aircraft route replanning. This includes route replanning for all PEO-FW SOF aviation platforms. Solutions need to be able to address:


• Provide the capability to plan multiple routes for crew selection based on the following:
o Aircraft performance characteristics (turn rate, climb rate, etc.)
o Aircraft present position
o Fuel consumption
o Time on target
o Threat exposure/defensive system warnings
o No-fly zones (with altitude and/or temporal constraints) avoidance
o Weather (with altitude and/or temporal constraints) avoidance
o Available on-board countermeasures
o Predicted hide-ability (based on terrain)
o Emergency Procedure Operations (i.e. engine(s) out)
o Wind analysis in new terrain
o Terrain Avoidance (TA) at low level


• The aircraft route replanner shall provide the capability to plan routes within 2.5 seconds or less.
o The aircraft route replanner will automatically provide route alternatives (with warning attributes) when total threat exposure cannot be eliminated or the original time on target cannot be achieved during the replan process


• The aircraft route replanner shall provide the capability to use the aircraft present position and heading as the starting point for the proposed route.


• The aircraft route planner shall provide the capability to interface with Link Capable aircraft to provide near-real time threat and airspace data


• The aircraft route replanner shall provide crew selection of the following route replanning parameters:
o Start/end points
o Costing weights
o Set clearance plane
o Input parameters for MSA, ESA, and start climb and have the system generate the parameters for each leg
o Reject proposed inputs
o Pull current winds/temperatures to update 4D model
o Enter climb points for single engine when going through high terrain


• The aircraft route replanner shall be capable of seamlessly operating on the aircraft and off the aircraft (i.e. from mission planning through debrief).


• The aircraft route replanner will utilize open systems architecture, modular design and common hardware.


• The aircraft route replanner should be able to provide multi-sensor data fusion to enhance aircrew situational awareness and accelerate decision-making.
o Potential to overlay multiple inputs from a single display
o Potential to provide route tracking and data storage


• Identify enablers to achieving state of the art route replanning technology by understanding current investment being made or planned for the near future by:
o Civilian aviation
o Industry
o Government Science & Technology initiatives
o Military development programs


• Identify challenges to implementation (i.e. cost drivers or areas of risk) and any on-going/planned efforts to overcome these challenges:
o Complications in verification/integration
o Implementation of increasingly stringent design standards, multiple approval authorities, and assurance levels


The purpose of this Industry Day is to inform PEO-FW of the current state and near future of technology on these topics. The information provided might potentially support future commodity procurement (i.e. not a development program), inform future requirements for development programs, support a rapid integration/demonstration event, establish a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA), support Small Business Innovative Research (SBIRs), establish a Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF) project request, and/or SOCOM participation in a vendor demonstration of a capability.


The United States Government has particular interest in production ready systems (i.e., minimum Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 7 as defined by the Department of Defense (DOD) Acquisition Guidebook (August 5, 2010) and a minimum Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL) 7 as defined by the DOD Manufacturing Readiness Assessment Deskbook (May 2, 2009). PEO-FW will also consider presentations on lower TRL and MRL Level capabilities.


This industry day event will have two sessions held at the UNCLASSIFIED level.
• A joint Government/Industry session where the Government will discuss:
o PEO-FW overview and current capability gaps
o SOF Route Replanning SME and Users engagement
o Additional speakers to be determined


• One-on-one meetings between the Government team members and selected individual Industry partners to discuss Industry’s perspective on the benefits, opportunities, and challenges of implementing route replanning solutions.


Companies wishing to participate should submit a one to two page synopsis of the single topic they wish to present, consistent with the objectives in section 2 above during the one-on-one session. Please do not submit general capabilities or a laundry list of potential hardware and/or software solutions. Each one-on-one session will be held to 45 minutes in length.


Request the name(s) of the presenters/attendees, job positions, and contact information (email and phone) be included in the paper. Please submit papers to Mr. John Jackson ([email protected]) and Mr. Tim Gonzales ([email protected]) by January 27, 2017. Please include in the subject line “PEO-FW INDUSTRY ROUTE REPLANNING COLLABORATION EVENT 1-ON-1 SYNOPSIS.”


The government team will review the papers and select up to 12 topics for the one-on-one sessions. The government team will send invitations with additional direction to the selected companies NLT February 8, 2017.



Please direct any questions to Mr. Tim Gonzales (813) 826-1967 or Mr. Dave Jackson, Phone: (813) 826-8164. For event questions, please contact Jenny Mulligan ([email protected]).


5. This notice does not constitute an Invitation for Bids (IFB), a Request for Quote (RFQ), or a Request for Proposal (RFP) and it should not be construed as a commitment of any kind by USSOCOM to issue a formal solicitation or ultimately award a contract. USSOCOM is in no way liable to pay for or reimburse any companies or entities that respond to this announcement. Any costs incurred by interested companies in response to this announcement will NOT be reimbursed.


6. All information marked as proprietary information will be safeguarded to prevent disclosures to non-government personnel and entities.