25-26 April 2018

Submission Deadline: 6 April


On 25-26 April in Fort Walton Beach, SOFWERX in collaboration with the Program Executive Office Fixed Wing (PEO-FW), in conjunction with technical experts from Government Labs, program offices, and Special Operations Forces (SOF), seeks to improve Stand-Off Precision Guided Munitions (SOPGM).


Focus Areas

PEO-FW is seeking presentations for the following categories:

1. Selectable warhead explosive yield*

2. Selectable warhead shaping*

3. Technologies enabling GPS-denied operation

4. Munitions-specific data link radio with Link-16 waveform

5. Low-cost seekers with semi-active laser

*PEO-FW is not interested in Height of Burst technologies as a selectable warhead effect.



The purpose of this Capability Assessment Event (CAE) is to inform PEO-FW of the current state and near future of technology on these topics. The information provided might potentially support future commodity procurement (i.e. not a development program), inform future requirements for development programs, support a rapid integration/demonstration event, establish a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA), support Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR), establish a Rapid Innovation Fund (RIF) project request, and/or SOCOM participation in a vendor demonstration of a capability.

PEO-FW has a particular interest in production ready systems: TRL 7 and MRL 7. However, PEO-FW will also consider presentations on lower TRL and MRL capabilities. Presented capabilities should require minimal-to-no hardware modifications to SOF FW aircraft and must be compatible with current SOF FW aircraft systems for any required software modifications; however, presented capabilities requiring hardware and software modifications specifically to munitions are welcomed.


Tentative Schedule

25 April:

0800-0810: SOFWERX Welcome/Opening Remarks

0820-0845: PEO FW Opening Remarks

0845-1000: Open Discussion/Question and Answer Session

1000-1700:  Individual One-on-one sessions with government

26 April:

0800-1700: Individual one-on-one sessions with the government


How to Get Involved

1. Review the SOPGM Brief: Click Here to Review Brief

2. Review the Quad Chart Template: Click Here to Download Template

3. Stakeholders are currently reviewing the submissions and are selecting up to 12 attendees for the one-on-one sessions.

– SOFWERX will send invitations to the selected participants 13 April 2018. 



For additional event-related questions, please contact Tara Parker ([email protected]).

For additional tech-related questions, please contact Destin Fleming ([email protected]).



Notice for all interested parties to SOFWERX events:  Announcement of SOFWERX events that are considered to have high potential for further efforts that may be accomplished via FAR-based contracting instruments, Other Transaction Authority (OTA) for Prototype Projects 10 USC 2371b, Prizes for advanced technology achievements 10 USC 2374a, and/or Prize Competitions 15 USC 3719, may be made at the www.sofwerx.org and/or www.teamwerx.org website(s).  All announcements made at the www.sofwerx.org and/or www.teamwerx.org website(s) are considered to satisfy the reasonable effort to obtain competition in accordance with 10 USC 2374a (b), 15 USC 3719 (e) and 10 USC 2371b (b)(2).  All FAR based actions will follow announcement procedures per FAR 5.201(b) accordingly.