Rapid Tactical Data Extraction and Transmission Collaboration Event


11-12 October




From 11-12 October, the Program Executive Office- Special Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Exploitation will host a capability collaboration event that will focus on technologies with the potential for use in the USSOCOM Exploitation Analysis Centers (EACs) and by Tactical Operators.


Click here for event synopsis (RFI): Rapid Tactical Data Extraction & Transmission Collaboration Event

This is a collaborative event that focuses on the following technologies:

1. Technologies that quickly extract information of intelligence value from laptops and external hard drives. 
2. Technologies that minimize transmission format for extracted data for use in areas with limited bandwidth capability.
3. Technologies for cellular data extraction for use on standard and non standard chipsets.
4. Technologies focused on a “smart plug in cable.”
5. Technologies for extracting data from small UAS.

Capability Outcome:

Identify and pursue potential technologies for use in the USSOCOM Exploitation Analysis Centers (EACs) and by Tactical Operators.


1. Open forum discussion.
2. One-on-one discussions with industry, academia, and government research laboratories.
3. Possible Use-Case Scenario analysis and Operational Test & Evaluation criteria.

How can you get involved?:

SOFWERX invites Government, Academia, Interagency, and National Labs to participate in the following ways:

Academia, Interagency, and National Labs with technology to submit for consideration:

1. Review the PEO SRSE Brief
2. Complete informational quad chart for your technology: See submission format example
3. Register to attend PEO SRSE CCE Event