Tech Tuesday

There are three levels of innovation: 1) Incremental, 2) Adjacent, and 3) Transformational. Tech Tuesday is a forum designed to specifically identify and discover Transformational levels of technology. On behalf of USSOCOM, SOFWERX uses this forum to engage Industry and Academia every Tuesday from 1500-1700 ET allowing participants to pitch their unique capabilities in 30-minute time slots to USSOCOM and/or other interested government partners.



Incremental innovation serves existing customers or markets.  It may involve new, improved, refined, or “incrementally better” products or services.  These innovations are usually closely tied to the core business.

Example: 8x Optical Scope to 15x Optical Scope



Adjacent innovation involves expansion to an adjacent business or customer arrangement.  This innovation typically leverages the company's expertise, but does so in new or innovative ways.  For the government, this often means the adoption of dual-use technologies.

Example: goTenna / goTenna Pro



Transformational innovation involves the creation of entirely new businesses to serve new markets and new customers.  Considered the most high-risk style of innovation, transformational innovation often requires new capabilities, and yields totally new products and markets.

Example: Individual Aerial Mobility System Board (IAMS)