ThunderDrone Squadron


SOFWERX is looking for experienced multi-rotor and fixed wing model aircraft pilots local to the Tampa area interested in volunteering their time and piloting skills. We are starting a new multi-rotor and fixed wing development facility in Ybor City known as ThunderDrone. As part of ThunderDrone we will be building, testing, and flying prototype and proof of concept vehicles. Tampa is fortunate to be home to many great model pilots who may have what it takes to help us.


As part of the ThunderDrone Squadron, we are looking for a variety of skill sets. Flights will be indoors, outdoors, FPV, line of sight, around obstacles, semi autonomous, or full acro. We are interested in skilled pilots to help us evaluate equipment that we have on hand, so unless specified you don’t need to bring your own equipment. Evaluations will happen during weekday business hours. If you sign up for ThunderDrone Squadron, we will notify you by email when an event is coming up and where we need someone with your skill set. Piloting with ThunderDrone Squadron is voluntary and not compensated.


ThunderDrone is scheduled to open it’s doors in October and events will take place over the course of the year.


SOFWERX and ThunderDrone exist to support the United State Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and the men and women serving in the United State Military. By volunteering your time, you are helping to advance the state of the art and keep our men and women safe.

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