Are you ready to rumble?

SOFWERX invites SOF Warfighters, Interagency Partners, and select contributors from Industry and Academia to participate in ThunderDrone, a focused technology innovation effort related to drones (sea, land, air, and space), tactical swarms, payloads (kinetic/non-kinetic), and their associated data science applications for the Special Operations community. ThunderDrone will be hosting in a brand new state-of-the-art 7,000 sq. ft. indoor drone test range for drone experimentation, prototyping, and testing open to all tech innovation partners.

What’s going on now?

ThunderDrone Rapid Prototyping Event (RPE) 5 Sep – 3 Nov 2017 Click here to review the ThunderDrone RPE brief

Current Timeline
• Tech Sprint, 28 Sep-29 Oct
• Final Adjustments, 30 Oct-1 Nov
• Prototype Rodeo, 1-3 Nov
• Warfighter Forum, 3 Nov

How can you still get involved?

SOFWERX ThunderDrone invites Academic, Lab, Citizen Scientist, and Industry partners to participate in the following ways (25 Sep – 24 Oct 2017):

• Tech Discovery: SOFWERX continues to seek new or novel system, subsystem, or component drone technologies and innovators who have not been previously identified to address SOF warfighter needs. If selected, proposed technologies will have the opportunity to enter the RPE and will receive exposure to both SOF and USSOCOM PEO (or acquisition) representatives. Using SOF and USSOCOM feedback, ThunderDrone may also pick and fund a select few technologies for further development following the RPE.

• Send an organizational Subject Matter Expert (SME) to participate in ThunderDrone innovation and experimentation on a full time or part time basis. Participants will be heavily involved in advancing drone development with leading industry, academia, and lab innovators. Applicants can be full time (preferred) or part-time/adhoc. Drone (Physical or Digital Systems) or Data Science experience is desired.

• Experimentation Partnership: Help solve incremental ThunderDrone problem sets by performing short term experiments and research on a variety of SOFWERX picked focus areas (~80 engineering hours). ThunderDrone Experiment Partners will receive results and findings from all other experiments during the effort and have the opportunity to engage with leading tech innovators and USSOCOM representatives.

• Sign up to get involved with experiments: Click here to become an experiment partner


Attend ThunderDrone Rapid Prototyping Rodeo Event (1-3 Nov 2017):

•  ThunderDrone facilitates collaboration, experimentation, proof of concept, rapid prototyping, and testing to quickly address current & future SOF Warfighter needs centered around drone capabilities.

•  At the conclusion of the Rodeo demo, please plan to attend the Warfighter Forum on 3 Nov for feedback solicitation from all attendees.

•  ThunderDrone Rodeo (1-3 Nov) & Warfighter Forum (3 Nov): Click here to RSVP (Government Only) 


For any questions or concerns about ThunderDrone activities, please contact the ThunderDrone Team at: (813) 693-5599 ext. 105, or [email protected]