ThunderDrone RPE II: C-SUAS

29 Jan – 31 Jan 2018

Government Registration Deadline: 15 Jan 2018

Selected RPE II participants will have the opportunity to compete in “RPE III: Game of Drones” for over $600,000 in prize money.

On 29 January – 31 January 2018, SOFWERX in collaboration with USSOCOM, will host the second ThunderDrone Rapid Prototyping Event (RPE) Tech Expo. ThunderDrone RPE II will focus on Counter Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-SUAS). We are welcoming participants to showcase their capabilities that address any of the following C-SUAS kill chain phases:


This event is looking to discover the best of breed, C-SUAS solutions. ThunderDrone has particular interest in those solutions that provide hard-kills (permanently defeat drones), but will also assess all new, novel, and provocative technologies. Key technologies of interest include autonomous functionality, mobility, discrimination, and multiple target engagement.


Desired Outcomes for RPE II

RPE II will expose new and emerging C-SUAS technologies to the Strategic Capabilities Office (SCO) and U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), to include all four military services. This will be accomplished by conducting a Technology Expo, followed later by an Outdoor Demonstration. The best of breed discoveries during the Outdoor Demonstrations will ultimately proceed to RPE III.

Tech Expo: After reviewing all technology submissions, the ThunderDrone team will invite selected applicants to showcase their technology during a Tech Expo at SOFWERX in Tampa, FL. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to directly interface with SOF warfighters and interagency partners. Teaming and partnerships between companies that have complimentary capabilities is highly encouraged. Subsequently, ThunderDrone participants are not expected to offer a complete solution in order to submit for entrance to the Tech Expo, as opportunities to network and partner will be provided during the expo.

Outdoor Demonstration: Following the Tech Expo, selected participants/teams will be invited to demonstrate their prototype C-SUAS capabilities and be evaluated by a government assessment team. The teams will demonstrate their prototypes at an outdoor range in March/April (specific days/location TBD). This will provide an opportunity for the teams to prove the performance and maturity of their hardware. Based on performance at the Outdoor Demonstration, top participants will be invited to RPE III to compete for cash awards.


Timeline for RPE II

1 December – Technology Submission Opens

5 January – Technology Submission Closes

10 January – Selected Submissions Invited to Tech Expo

15 January – Tech Expo RSVP Deadline (Industry & Government)

29 January to 31 January – Tech Expo (SOFWERX in Tampa, FL)

1 February to March/April – Tech Sprints (Selected participants prototype development phase)

March/April – Outdoor Demonstration (Specific Days/Location TBD)


How can you get involved in RPE II?

SOFWERX invites Government, Industry, Academia, Interagency, and Lab Partners to participate in the following ways:

1. Review the ThunderDrone RPE II Tech Expo Brief: Click Here to Review Brief

2. Register to Submit your C-SUAS Technology for Review

          – Industry: Click Here for Submission Instructions (ThunderDrone Submissions Closed) 

3. GOVERNMENT ONLY: Register to Attend Tech Expo

          – Government Only: Click Here to Register to Attend the Tech Expo (RSVP by 15 January)



For any questions or concerns, please contact the ThunderDrone Team at: (813) 693-5599 ext. 121, or [email protected]