ThunderDrone is an investigation of Drone Technology in an effort to put the most advanced capabilities into our Warfighters’ hands. ThunderDrone RPE II is focused on Counter Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-SUAS).


RPE II: Timeline

COMPLETED 29 January – 31 January: Tech Expo (SOFWERX in Tampa, FL)

1 February – 5 April: Tech Sprints (Selected participants prototype development phase)

6 – 21 April: Outdoor Demonstration at Fort Bragg, North Carolina

May – June: Final Tech Sprints (Selected participants prototype development phase)

June: RPE III: Game of Drones (Location TBD)


RPE II: Tech Expo (Completed)

On 29 January – 31 January 2018, SOFWERX, in collaboration with USSOCOM, hosted the second ThunderDrone Rapid Prototyping Event (RPE) Tech Expo. ThunderDrone RPE II focused on Counter Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-SUAS). We welcomed 246 participants, of whom represented 91 companies, to showcase their capabilities addressing any of the following C-SUAS kill chain phases:


This event looked to discover the best of breed, C-SUAS solutions, particularly those that provided hard-kills (permanently defeat drones).  Key technologies of interest included autonomous functionality, mobility, discrimination, and multiple target engagement.

Companies with complementary capabilities were highly encouraged to collaborate during the event. The SOFWERX team is happy to report that at least nine companies have partnered together to enhance their technology as a result of the Tech Expo.

Nearly 280 government persons attended and provided feedback on each technology. The companies that possessed a certain level of maturity and were in line with the immediate needs of the warfighter were welcomed to the Outdoor Demonstrations to be held in April.


RPE II: Outdoor Demonstrations

Out of the 91 companies who participated in the Tech Expo, 34 teams/companies have been invited to demonstrate their prototype C-SUAS capabilities at Fort Bragg from 6 – 21 April 2018. Each team will be given a nominal 2-hour window on an assigned date to complete their demonstration. This will provide an opportunity for participants to prove the performance and maturity of their hardware and to be evaluated by a government assessment team. Based on the outcomes of the Outdoor Demonstration, top participants will be invited to RPE III, Game of Drones, to compete for cash awards up to $600,000.


Demonstration Schedule: 

Posted below, you will find the tentative schedule for RPE II: Outdoor Demonstrations. To ensure that we are able to complete all demonstrations during the allotted range slots, we may be required to adjust times and dates for specific vendors.



Cycle 0 Cycle 1 Cycle 2
EAC Technologies (6  APR)

1000 – 1200

Department 13


QRC Technologies


Rafael Advanced Defense Systems (8 APR)

1300 – 1500

IXI Technology




 Federal Resources


Black Sage/IEC Infrared



Cycle 3 Cycle 4 Cycle 4F
Booz Allen Hamilton



0830 – 1030


0800 – 1000

Fortem Technologies


Liteye Systems/Orbital ATK 

1030 – 1230



1000 – 1200

Ascent Vision/Sierra Nevada/Saze




Arete Associates


LGS Innovations



Due to changes in range availability for Saturday 21 April, demonstrations may start as early as 0800.

The RPE II Technology Demonstration will be executed on a dynamic event driven basis to account for weather, demonstration system availability, priority military operational activity, and other factors. The scheduled demonstration windows for each technology are estimates only and are being provided to facilitate Government attendee planning.

*All times listed are EST


Who Can Attend?

All government persons are welcome to attend the outdoor demonstrations




For any questions or concerns, please contact the ThunderDrone Team at: (813) 693-5599 ext. 121, or


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