UAS Autonomy Demo

19 February 2019

On 19 February, SOFWERX, in collaboration with USSOCOM, will host a UAS Autonomy Demo in Tampa, Florida to assess the integration of autonomy into the workflow of the Warfighter. This is the final legacy demo from the autonomy portion of ThunderDrone.

UAS Demo Details

Demonstrations of SOFWERX-sponsored capabilities developed as part of the ThunderDrone program include:

•UAS Swarm Targeting: Five UASs will be automatically deployed from a launcher and assemble into a swarm. The swarm will fly to a user-defined location and visually search for a target. Once the target has been identified, the swarm will assemble into a formation around the target and (at the request of the user) will perform a mock target engagement.

•IR Target Identification: A UAS will identify and engage a target that has been illuminated by an IR light source.

•Indoor Navigation: A UAS will enter an indoor environment and navigate through doorways, hallways and rooms using computer vision and LIDAR. The UAS will avoid obstacles, search the entirety of the indoor space, then return to the starting location to provide the user with a map of the interior.


Tentative Schedule

Session I – Outdoor Demo
(Location ~15 minutes from SOFWERX office)
10:00am – Welcome and Introductions
10:10am – Introduction to Demo Team
10:20am – Safety Briefing
10:30am – UAS Swarm Deployment and Targeting Demo
11:00am – IR Target Identification and Targeting Demo
11:30am – SOFWERX UAS Projects Demo

Session II – Indoor Demo
(Location: SOFWERX office)
1:30pm – Overview and Introduction to Demo Team
1:40pm – Indoor Visual Navigation and Mapping Demo
2:10pm – Question and Answer Session

How You Can Participate

RSVP to Attend Demonstrations: Click Here to RSVP (NLT 13 February)


For event related questions, please contact Kinsey Crim at [email protected]

For technical related questions, please contact Mujahid Abdulrahim at [email protected]

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