Government/Private Capital Mash Up

27 February 2019

RSVP Deadline: 18 February

On 27 February, SOFWERX, in collaboration with USSOCOM, will host a Government/Private Capital Mash Up event to determine the most impactful and mutually beneficial ways to create enduring public/private partnerships.


USSOCOM and Private Capital attendees will work together to identify current limitations and how to overcome them. “Blue Sky” action plans will then be developed and presented for non-attributable Q&A sessions in a peer-to-peer forum.  These action plans will be used to determine the most beneficial ways to partner.

Questions for Pre-Event Consideration

1. What are the perceived barriers & concerns (re: limitations) of Private Capital conducting business with USSOCOM?

• If these perceptions are true, what are effective ways to overcome them?

2. What specific partnering methods might be mutually beneficial?

• What actions can we take now?

• What changes (if any) would be desired to create more impactful partnering in the future?

3. How can USSOCOM partner with Private Capital groups to review the numerous opportunities that Private Capital groups elect not to pursue, presuming some may hold promise for unique SOF applications?

 • What are the pros and cons for USSOCOM? Private Capital?


Tentative Agenda 

27 February

0800 – 0830: Check In
0830 – 0900: SOFWERX Welcome Remarks & Ice Breaker
0900 – 0930: Private Capital Overview
0930 – 1015: Limitations Sessions
1015 – 1030: Break
1030 – 1130: Overcoming Limitations
1130 – 1200: Social Networking Lunch (Provided)
1200 – 1330: “Blue Sky” Working Groups
1330 – 1430: “Blue Sky” Presentations (5-minute presentation, 10 min Q&A)
1430 – 1445: Break & Voting
1445 – 1530: Large Q&A and Path Forward
1530: Event Complete

NOTE: This schedule is subject to change.

How You Can Participate

Request to Attend: Click Here to Request to Attend  (Deadline NLT 17 February)

• Selected participants will be notified on/about 19 February.

• Our goal is to limit the event to 10 Private Capital Participants, and 10 USSOCOM Contracting, Legal and Acquisition decision makers.  Private Capital partners can be provided a $1000 stipend to off-set travel costs.


For event related questions, please contact Kinsey Crim at 

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