Government/Private Capital Mash Up

22 – 23 January 2019

Submission Deadline: 27 December 


On 22-23 January, SOFWERX, in collaboration with USSOCOM and various Departments of Defense, will host a Government/Private Capital Mash Up event to determine the most impactful and mutually beneficial ways to create enduring public/private partnerships.



Government and private capital attendees will form small working groups to identify topic area limitations and how to overcome them. Working groups will subsequently brief their findings and “Blue Sky” action plans to the larger audience.


Topic Areas

1. Government access to private capital lists of opportunities not selected for monetization

•  Technologies not monetized, may still be attractive to the Department of Defense
•  Business vetting level of the unmonetized companies should be addressed
•  Determine mutually beneficial outcomes

2. Identify the barriers & concerns (re: limitations) of private capital conducting business with the Department of Defense

3. How best to conduct third party financing, public/private partnerships, and/or private capital advisory boards with the Department of Defense


Tentative Agenda 

22 January 

0800 – 0830: Check In
0830 – 0900: SOFWERX Welcome Remarks & Ice Breaker
0900 – 0930: Government/Private Capital Overview (Guest Speaker: Senior Government TBD)
0930 – 1020: Current Limitations Breakout
1020 – 1030: Break
1030 – 1130: Overcoming Limitations Breakout
1130 – 1300: Lunch
1300 – 1500: “Blue Sky” Building Presentation
1500 – 1600: “Blue Sky” Presentations
1600 – 1615: Break
1615 – 1700: Large Q&A

23 January 

0800 – 0830: Check In
0830 – 0900: Holiday Inn Express Breakout
0900 – 1100: Prioritization Presentation Building
1100 – 1115: Break & Voting
1115 – 1130: Voting Results
1130 – 1200: Path Forward & Final Remarks
1200 – 1300: Lunch (On Your Own)


How You Can Participate

Request to Attend: Click Here to Request to Attend  (Deadline 27 December)

• Selected participants will be notified on/about 4 January



For event related questions, please contact Kinsey Crim at [email protected] 


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